8/6 - Understanding Private Forest Plans and Managed Fire

Great article on forestry and fire. It's hard to properly plan and organize an ecosystem as complex as a forest, especially given our consistently limited knowledge about fire and how to properly implement it. It's both frustrating and heartening to see so many places around the US finally working to get fire on the ground again, after decades of "no burn" policies implemented by the US government. Read away!



7/30 - Effectiveness of Fuel Treatments

Very interesting article about fuel reduction in the west, and the need for more prescribed burning. One of the more interesting parts of this article is near the bottom: a graph showing mechanical treatments vs prescribed fire, and the occurrence of wildfires and the amount of undisturbed historically burned land. Interestingly, significantly more burning is done in the Southeastern US than in any other region! My guess is it has to do with their burn season being almost unlimited (since they can burn straight through the winter). If the rest of the southern US shares that climate, why isn't the southwest burning through the winter too? Perhaps something to look in to!

7/23 - Tripling the Amount of Prescribed Fire in California

Check out this awesome article about how CalFire intends to triple the amount of prescribed fire on the ground, in response to an executive order from California Governor Jerry Brown. Sounds like California knows what kinds of tactics work for wildfire management!

7/9 - The Science Behind Prescribed Burns in Florida

The wildfire in Florida last month that was started by a prescribed fire has ignited a fresh debate over the use of ecological burning in today’s world. The article might just scratch the surface, but it’s a reminder of the importance of explaining, clearly and concisely, what prescribed burning is all about.

7/2 - Drones in fire: smart use of tech or rocky road?

7/2 - Drones in fire: smart use of tech or rocky road?

Every now and then, the tech sector cranks out something that proliferates so deeply into mainstream culture, it eventually sneaks into every area of our lives. Though these pieces of technology might trouble us just as much as they delight us, there's no denying the excitement they cause, the rush of seeing and interacting with something brand new. Recently something new has stepped into the tech limelight, inhabiting the space once held by camcorders and laptops: DRONES.

6/25 - What's there to be afraid of?

6/25 - What's there to be afraid of?

Prescribed burning is an objectively worrying activity. I mean, how could going against the wishes of Smokey Bear ever be a good thing??? Although the fear associated with burning is understandable, it's our duty as people who put fire on the ground to understand our fears. To differentiate the valid concerns from the knee-jerk impulse to stop any fire from ever hitting the ground. I've encountered quite a few people who want to see prescribed fire abolished, who think it's deadly and evil. In this article I hope to address both the rational and irrational responses I've encountered to the idea of ecological burning.